Sunrise Beach Session Orange Beach, AL

Sunrise Beach Session- Orange Beach, AL

As a beach photographer I have come to the conclusion that there is typically no shade on the beach. Duh Lacey, right!? Well, shade… yes, shade is a photographer’s best friend on a bright, sun-shiny day at the beach.
Therefore, there are two times during the day that are ideal for beach portraits due to the whole no shade problem.
Sunrise and sunset.
These two times provide that sweet, even lighting that is a photographer’s dream! Also a client’s dream, because honestly, who wants sunshine burning into their eyeballs for an hour? The perfect lighting at dusk and dawn are great for the eyeballs, and my lens! It’s a win/win!
A sunrise session means two things: 1. waking up at the crack of dawn 2. absolutely beautiful lighting. (OH, one more thing- a less crowded beach!)

Sunrise Beach Session, Orange Beach, Alabama- Southern Shores Photography
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Bright Eyed and Sandy Tailed?

Look at this sweet family (and sweet lighting) pictured above. Isn’t it beautiful, serene, calming, etc. etc.?
First of all, I know what you’re thinking.. “That poor Mama and Daddy.. I bet those kiddos were whiney and miserable being up at the crack of dawn.”
But, actually.. they were awesome! Luckily, they were a family of early risers and did awesome for their shoot!

Funny story with this sweet fam.. our session was actually supposed to be at sunset the prior evening. We ended up changing it to the next morning due to a little miscommunication and me being left alone on the beach (I am forever happens!) for the sunset session. But, oh my gosh, this sweet Mama and I were so happy with how things worked out. Consequently, this sunrise session has been one of my favorites to date!
So, next time you’re at the beach (getting your beach portraits done by little ol’ me, of course), let’s chat about a sunrise session! Oh, and just a heads-up, when your alarm starts going off at 5:30 AM, just know I feel your pain… but as soon as we step out on that beach it will all drift away, promise! 😉

Sunrise Beach Photo Session- Southern Shores Photography- Orange Beach, AL
Wedding, Family, Beach, Engagement, Maternity Photographer in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Foley, Alabama

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